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3 Great Reasons Why You Should Reconsider Therapy

Shown is a red couch that's raised on the left side and open on the right side. This raise is for back support. I chose this as this kinds of seats were sometimes used for therapy around the 60s.

Therapy can be a great thing for anyone. Sometimes we don’t have everything figured out in our lives. More often than not people become so busy that they forget to self reflect a bit. Therapy is a great tool for putting all your thoughts in the right place so to speak. While there are a lot of people who understand the value of therapy, there are lot who don’t. There are also many who feel that therapy can be too boring, which is somewhat understandable as well. So I feel that it’s important to discuss the benefits of therapy.

As a disclaimer I’m not an expert, so take this with a grain of salt. In any case, I shouldn’t be going too in-depth into psychotherapy regardless. I’ll mostly encourage therapy based on my own positive experiences. So here are 3 reasons for why you should reconsider therapy.

1. It doesn’t make you weak

While this is more of a rebuttal than a reason, it’s important to point out. There are a good chunk of people who stray away from therapy because it makes them feel weak. While this thought process isn’t out of left field, it’s very old-fashioned. In certain circles people might look down on therapy, but I’d argue that isn’t something most people should worry about. As an individual, it doesn’t make you weak either.

In fact I’d say that it makes you stronger. Therapy can help you find things about yourself that even you were unaware of. A therapist can take these things and help you reflect on how they effect you. If you have the willpower alongside guidance, you can absolutely become a better you.

2. It isn’t as boring as you’d think

I’ve met many people who’ve avoided therapy as they found it too boring and or tedious. While this thinking is generally ok, it isn’t when that person needs help. Psychiatric help can be time consuming, but very beneficial for those who need it. If you are in a situation where you need help, you will have to take the proper steps in order to get better. In terms of mental health, one of the first lines of defense is psychotherapy.

In any case, It doesn’t have to be boring at all. Hearing someone break down your life can be intriguing and cathartic. Personally I find it relieving to discuss secrets about myself that I’d otherwise keep to myself. I found that getting new perspectives on my problems to be useful and interesting. More than anything though, it lets you be you. It lets you tell a person what you really think about yourself and the people around you. Certain subjects aren’t taboo, giving you the go ahead to speak your mind more freely.

3. It doesn’t always have to be a commitment

While a lot of people need to see therapists regularly, this isn’t always the case. If you’re problems aren’t too extreme, it is possible that you only need so many sessions. While I’m not a perfect sample size for everyone, I’ve gotten great use out of minimal therapy and I never tied myself down. I’ve been to therapy roughly 5-6 times in the past 4 years, and each time I only went for 1-2 sessions.

I found that when your stress reaches a limit, having someone to talk to helped me rationalize all of the problems I was dealing with. It helped me confront those problems with simple adjustments to my thoughts and actions. While this might not be representative of everyone, I think it’s good to keep in mind. Even one visit can make the biggest difference.

I’d like to thank everyone who took their time to read this. I enjoyed writing this one. If you haven’t seen my last article and might be interested I’d definitely recommend it. The article covers ways to reduce anxiety at work, which is something I think a lot of people need. I also recommend this article from the American Psychological Association, it gives an in-depth look into what psychotherapy is.

If anyone reading has a question they might want to ask me regarding how I’ve improved my mental wellness or anything else, feel free to email me.


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