5 Reasons Why Girls Hate "WYD Texts"
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5 Reasons Why Girls Hate WYD texts

For those of you who do not know what WYD means, it simply means “What you [are] doing?”

Recently, I overheard a few men complaining that women who say that they hate WYD texts are stuck up or ungrateful. I want to make it clear that women do not hate WYD texts because they are stuck up. We hate WYD texts when there is no substance in them. Here are a few reasons why a woman would complain about a WYD text.

Next week, we’ll list Better Conversation Starters than WYD

1. You constantly send these texts instead of picking up the phone

This first one may be a bit bias, but I absolutely hate texting. A text is cool if you are saying, “Hey I am outside” or “Just thinking about you” or if you are having a minimal conversation throughout the day between a busy schedule. However, when everything is done, it means the world to many of us women if you would pick up the phone and give us a call. Even if the call only lasts 10 minutes. Hearing your voice is so much better than a WYD text.

2. You do not try to have a decent conversation between WYD texts

Once we tell you what we are doing build on that. Have a decent conversation. If I say I am writing a paper or a blog post, ask me what it is about; give me your opinion; say more than “oh okay, cool.” No woman wants to carry a conversation on her own.

3. We just told you what we were doing 5 minutes ago

Not only is it annoying if there is absolutely no conversation in between, but it is also annoying if the conversation is very minimal before we get asked the same question: “WYD?”

4. You’d know what I am doing if you were doing something with me

I quickly lose interest in a man without a plan. If you constantly ask me what I am doing but never make plans to do something with me, it becomes annoying.

5. Some guys send this as a precursor to a booty call attempt

It is 2019 and women are not totally clueless as to what your true intentions are. Regardless what you say, we understand the innuendos behind it. Many men do not care what we are doing at 2am or 3am. They simply want to see if women are awake, so they can hit them with some other dreaded texts like “Come over,” “Can I come over,” “Text me your address,” or “unlock the door. I’m coming over”.

Question of the Week

How do you feel about WYD texts and why?
Answer by Natasha, Blogger [Occupation] | Website   | Instagram | Facebook
Yes! I hate getting WYD texts - the very fact that the sender can't even be bothered to type out the words makes me doubt whether or not they actually care what I'm doing

Part of me feels it's just conversation for the sake of conversation. There is no sustenance behind it. The question itself doesn't annoy me, if you were to phone me up and ask what I'm doing I will gladly fill you in - for some reason it's the text format and abbreviation that gets me
Answer by Justine, Owner of SNK Naturals | Website   | Instagram | Facebook
I haven't received [a WYD text] in a long time, but I hate the way it makes it impersonal like you're just talking to me to have sex with me. I'm a source for pleasure for you. I'm not a person. You don't really want to know me you just want to have sex with me.

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Final Thoughts

In sum, men, please be very careful how you are texting women so that you are not confused with the f*ck boys of this generation. If you are going to send a WYD text, make sure it is at a decent hour and that a decent conversation follows her answer

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