7 Reasons Why I Still Believe in Love
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7 Reasons Why I Still Believe In Love


So, I’m a millennial, and it appears to me that my generation has given up on love. Everyone is scared to get hurt and commit themselves to another person. Yet, I believe in love. The list below contains the main reasons I believe in love.

I still believe in love because…

1. One bad experience cannot change my mind about love

Many people give up on love after a bad experience. So, I had a bad experience with love one time…two times…three times even. However, that does not mean the next time cannot be the time to last forever. Do you remember the first time you learned how to ride a bike? Did you give up the first time you fell down? Did you stop driving after the first time you had an accident?

Love is the same way. Like with driving, over time we learn to look out for signs to avoid accidents. Let me be a bit transparent, when I first started driving, I had a car accident because I was trying to merge, and the other car sped up so I could not. Now I know that after I check my mirrors, and put on my signal, I should watch for the other car to see if they will speed up.

I do the same with love. I have been hurt in the past by trying to make a move without watching for signs that my move could cause a collision. Now, in love, I do not rush my moves, but start with signals and signs to see how the other person will react. If they react positively, I know it is safe to merge my heart into their lane without causing harm.

2. I have experienced it

I have been in love before. It was the most beautiful feeling in the world. I was the happiest I had ever been up to that point. There is really no way to describe the feeling or the connection I had with my first love. I just know that it felt magical, and I never wanted it to end.

3. I have been hurt

I have this poem I’ve written, and I will eventually share it. In the poem I explain that love itself does not hurt. Love is the best feeling in the world. It is the absence of love, after experiencing it truly, that hurts. If I had never loved like I did, I could never have been hurt like I was. Though the hurt sucks, it is a reminder that love existed, I experienced it, and there is a strong possibility that I can experience it again.

4. My instinct is to love 

I believe that all humans have a natural instinct to love. That is why we call it “Falling in love”. It is usually an unexpectant event. We do not normally say, “I am going to love this person,” but our instinct is simply to love them in time.

I think that many millennials and others who are afraid of love, still have the basic instinct to love, they just suppress it, in an attempt to avoid getting hurt. The reality is it is suppression of a natural instinct and it will cause more harm than good. Not allowing ourselves to love truly, even in a platonic sense, leaves a void that cannot be filled.

5. I am worthy of love 

I believe in the law of attraction. I believe that if I continue to think positive thoughts, positive things will happen in return. I believe I am worthy of love, so love will find me. I understand that, though love will find me, it might also leave me. However, I have total confidence it will return time and time again until the day it decides to make me it’s permanent home.

6. I NEED to believe in love

I need to believe that there is positive in the world. I need to believe that there are others in this world who are willing to support me emotionally and be a genuine friend and confidant in my times of need. Without that, life would be unbearable. Without even a small belief that it could happen eventually, life would be worthless. So, I choose to give life meaning by believing in love.

7. If it can happen for others, it can happen for me

I see other people in love. I see their happy marriages and families. I know that I can one day have that too. I know God (the universe) will not deprive me of this and give it to others freely. I do not believe in luck, but I do believe in things happening for each individual person when it is meant to happen for them. I am confident that when it is my time to love and be loved in return, it will happen for me. So yes, I still believe in love.

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I believe in love because it’s the foundation that we are built on. I know my own heart and how I try to practice love every day, so I know even when Love seems absent in some spaces that I can’t deny that it has to exist in other ones. When it comes to how people love one another, I think many of us don’t realize in order to love fully we have to practice it every day and be intentional about it.

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Final Thoughts

Love is a beautiful experience. So beautiful that we often try to avoid it, so that we never have to experience losing it. In this case, we cheat ourselves out of a magical experience. My advice: LOVE. Accept the loss of love as a learning experience and keep on loving until the day comes where you no longer have to worry about love leaving you.

About the Author

Mish (Pronounced Meesh) Truth has always been a natural social justice advocate. She now holds BA in Psychology and will hold an MSW by May 2021. She is currently a goal coach, a tutor, and a writer.

She is  is passionate about social justice issues and overall mental wellness. This includes knowledge on how to develop healthy relationships, and awareness mental and medical illnesses, and social justice issues.

Growing up in an urban, low income, community, she learned a lot before her time. She credits her success to her self awareness and desire for personal growth.

Her goal is to change the world by affecting at least one person, educating them, inspiring them, and then empowering them to go out and affect more change.

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