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Every Woman Should Know These 7 Things About Her Body

As we spoke about last time in 7 Things We Should Have Learned in Sex Ed. but Didn’t, sex education completely fails students completely. So here are 7 things that every woman should know about her body, but probably does not.

1. Your body will never be the same as someone else's

Much of the way our body looks is determined by our genetics. The way our body is shaped, how curvy we naturally are, how sensitive our skin is, etc. is determined by our genetics and hormones.

For this reason, the desire to look like other women is ridiculous, because most of the women that we desire to look like do not share our genetics.

If you naturally have a narrow frame, you cannot expect to have Beyonce’s naturally wide hips…without surgery of course.

Also, let’s be real. Many celebrities like Kim Kardashian, her little sister, and others have had work done to their body and cheated their way to their “beautiful figures:”

2. Discharge is normal

I am in a girls group on Facebook and the amount of young women that do not know this is pretty disheartening.

I have also seen the viral posts with women dropping their panties to take a picture of how “clean” they are.  What they mean is “no discharge”

The vagina is self-cleaning and naturally produces discharge when cleaning it’s self and balancing it’s pH. 

3."The clit is the powerhouse of the vagina"

The clitoris is the small penis-looking part of your vagina. It is the pleasure center. This is what needs to be stimulated during sex in order for most women to truly enjoy it and reach their climax. This is one of the many things women are not taught about their body.

4. Most women do not orgasm from vaginal sex

Though many woman enjoy vaginal sex, most women (about 80%) will never have an orgasm while having vaginal sex. As the previous point mentioned, the clit is the pleasure center for most women and needs to be stimulated to have an orgasm. 

Here are two ways you can increase your chances of getting an orgasm if you are like the majority of women who only experience them from clitoral stimulation

 1. Receive Oral sex 

2. Use a penis ring with your partner

5. The vagina has a smell

Vaginas have a smell. It is a unique smell and honestly (though this may seem weird), you should get to know the smell of yours. Then you will be able to tell if your odor is unnatural

6. Infections are sometimes caused by things that are "cool" to do

Infections, like bacterial infections and Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) are sometimes cause by things that are “Cool” to do, like:

  1. Wearing tight jeans
  2. Using scented soaps, vaginal sprays, and perfume near your vagina
  3. Using colored wash cloths, loofahs, body sponges, bath bombs, and other things with dyes 
  4. Wearing non-cotton panties
  5. Wearing Thongs 
  6. Not Washing after the gym (not cool at all btw)
  7. Having unprotected sex
    1. Yes UTIs and some bacterial infections can be passed through sex

7. Your cycle menstrual may change many times

Many things affect our cycle such as hormones, stress level, and exercise or heavy training. Some women (like myself) even believe that other women that you are close to have an affect on your cycle. I can not speak on the scientific evidence about the topic, but I do know that my cycle will adjust itself to match the cycle of women who I live physically close to (roommates or family) and women that I am emotionally close to (close friends and family)

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The clit is the powerhouse of sex.

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Final Thoughts

Women’s bodies are not super complex but we were not taught some of these things.

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