• What Not to Say to A New College Grad
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    5 Horrible Questions to Ask A New College Graduate (And What to Say Instead)

    If you have ever went to college (and graduated), you know that the questions asked of you on your graduation day are intrusive, insensitive, and anxiety provoking. The reality is that on graduation day, graduates have probably just finished finals within that week. They probably have gone through so many changing emotions, and they are probably super concerned with the next phase of life without the pressuring questions to dwell on it even more. With that said, here are 5 questions NOT to ask a college graduate, and what you should say instead.

  • 7 Reasons You Are NOT So OCD
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    You Are NOT “So OCD”: Here’s 7 Reasons Why You Should Stop Saying You Are

    This topic was requested by a loyal follower with OCD. However, this topic is also very dear to my heart. As someone in the mental health field, I cringe any time I hear someone use a mental illness to describe a normal behavioral nuance. Unfortunately, I hear this one a lot. I have even been told by others that I am “so OCD.” Most times, I correct them. On rare occasions when I just did not have the strength to explain, I let it slide. However, this topic absolutely needs to be addressed. It is important that people understand mental illness so that we can remove the stigma and create…