Black Women Dating Patterns With Black Men
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Black Women: Do You ALWAYS Date Down When Dating Black Men? Tell us in this 5-7 minute survey

I started this survey because there was a Facebook debate stating how black women usually date white men when they become successful. This was heatedly debated among black women and black men in the comment section of the post. 

I decided that battling over opinions does not work. The only way to truly find the answer is by surveying black women and finding out if they are typically dating down in their relationships.

You see, in undergrad, I studied psychology with a concentration in mental health. In graduate school, I am studying Social Work. I am currently choosing between a PhD in Educational Leadership, Social Work, and Psychology. If it is on thing that is just in my nature, it is researching and doing surveys. 

As someone who knows how to question things, I also have to specifically start with what, exactly, I am questioning. So let’s define some things

Let’s first talk about the meaning of dating down. When we speak of black women dating down, we mean that they are dating men who have not achieved their level of success. 

Levels of success meaning that black women earn more income than the black men, and/or have a higher educational degree than the black men that they typically date

This survey is specifically looking at black women living and dating in the united states who are currently or have previously dated black men in the united states.

ABOUT ME: I am 26 years old and, besides 1 guy  (Who was Puerto Rican and Dominican), I have only ever dated black men. Unfortunately, most of them, I had been dating down. They have worked less prestigious jobs than I have and most have not reached the same academic level.

I do not say this to mean that black men are always beneath black women. Nor do I say this to mean that dating down (dating someone with a lower education or economic level than yourself) is a bad thing


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I do not say this to mean that black men are always beneath black women. Nor do I say this to mean that dating down (dating someone with a lower education or economic level than yourself) is a bad thing. I just notice that this has been true for myself and many other black women who date black men. 

This survey is to find out if my friends, my community, and myself are in the minority when it comes to this difference that we see when dating black men or if this is something that black women in the United States consistently face when dating black men.

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Mish (Pronounced Meesh) Truth has always been a natural social justice advocate. She now holds BA in Psychology and will hold an MSW by May 2021. She is currently a goal coach, a tutor, and a writer.

She is  is passionate about social justice issues and overall mental wellness. This includes knowledge on how to develop healthy relationships, and awareness mental and medical illnesses, and social justice issues.

Growing up in an urban, low income, community, she learned a lot before her time. She credits her success to her self awareness and desire for personal growth. 

Her goal is to change the world by affecting at least one person, educating them, inspiring them, and then empowering them to go out and affect more change. 

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