Depression is not a choice. So since we don't have a choice in having it, we might as well learn to cope with it.

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    3 Ways Some Foods Can Affect Your Anxiety & Depression

    1. Why sugar is bad for depression/anxiety In one of the earlier articles I mentioned how certain diets, such as a Mediterranean diet. Judging from the sources I’ve seen diets like this are objectively good for your mental health. There are of course comfort foods which can make one feel better. For example, eating sugary foods after a bad day will make you feel better. The only catch is, the fact that it is very temporary. When we eat things like sugar, this almost immediately activates our dopamine receptors, making us feel good.  This goes out the window when sugar reaches your gastrointestinal tract. It then tells your brain that…

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    Aromatherapy (and Anxiety) Explained in 3 Great Steps

    A few days ago I was inspired by a story I heard about an old Japanese couple, Mr. and Mrs. Kuroki. In the later parts of Mrs. Kuroki’s life, she gradually became blind as a side-effect of her diabetes. Due to her blindness Mrs. Kuroki became depressed, something that Mr. Kuroki quickly noticed. Mr. Kuroki worked to solve this problem by planting thousands of flowers on their property, so she could enjoy one of her remaining senses. This worked out well for both of them, after the flowers bloomed Mrs. Kuroki couldn’t stop smiling, which was all her husband wanted.  This reminded me of how helpful aromatherapy can really be.…

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    4 Great Tips That Can Break Your Holiday Depression

    The holiday season is here, and it’s not always peachy for everyone. For one reason or another many of us find ourselves with holiday depression, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Most of these tips lie in communication and planning. It’s also important to note that I’ll be writing these from the perspective of a recently graduated college student. So I’ll mostly be talking about holiday problems in the average adult life. This is advice I’ve determined to be useful for myself and close friends, but keep in mind that I’m not an expert. My last post covered four tips to help fix a bad day, so I…

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    4 Tips to Make Your Bad Days Better & Improve Mental Wellness

            Everyone has bad days here and there. In the times were living now, these bad days can really put a damper on your mental wellness. Given that these bouts of sadness can come spontaneously, it’s good to plan ahead. So here are my 4 tips to make the bad days ahead of you better. Take a walk. This one sounds obvious, because it is. A lot of people overlook this because they’re told this every day. Right now, many of us have too much to think about and not a lot to look at. Staring at the same four walls everyday would drive anyone crazy. So…