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Debunking 7 Convincing Reasons Not to Go To College

It is still college graduation season. Last week we spoke about What NOT to say to a new college graduate. This week, we will switch gears a bit. We are going to talk about the famouns line “College is not for me”. 

Unfortunately, though traditional college is not for everyone, this is often said as an excuse and an easy way out of working hard.

Here are the top reasons people use to justify why college isn’t for them, and why those reasons do not always make sense

1. You could go to trade school instead

Most trade schools still require you to go to college. The classes are usually taken at a community college.

Culinary arts, welding, construction, cosmetology, and many other “trades” now require a certification or licence of some sort. You wil still need to sit in a classroom, take notes, and pass some sort of exam. 

There are not many places or jobs that you can learn on the job anymore, as they used to do a long time ago. 

So even pursuing a “trade,” though it may not be a typical career, you will STILL most likely need college.

2. There are many successful people who did not go to college

I will start with the mosot famous example, Steve Jobs! 

Steve Jobs dropped out of college and he is a multi-millionaire.

Steve Jobs did not simply drop out of college. Steve Jobs had access to things that many people do not have access to. Jobs’ father was a machinist in the coast guard who taught him first hand about technology. Unless you have a father like that, it is likely that you will need to learn this information in a trade school, which is college. 

Jobs’ also left college, but continued to take creative classes, therefore continuing to further his knowledge. 

It is important to not just look at it as “He was a college drop out who became a multi-millionaire.” In truth, he was a person who had the proper resources available to him and access to free knowledge that most of us would have to pay for.

This is the case for many examples of people who became successful without a collegeducation or some kind of help from thentertainment industry.

3. I do not have any money

Some people truly cannot afford college and I totally understand that. However some people only THINK that they cannot afford college. 

If your family makes below a certain amount, you may qualify for financial aid. If that is still not enough, you can talk to your assigned financial aid counselor to see what you can do to raise your aid. Applying for federal aid can be done on 

In addition, there are schools (Many are Ivy League) that have pledged to meet the need of all of their students whose families make below a particular amount. Some have set the bar as high as $130,000 per year. They will meet the need without loans, only grants. Therefore, if you are accepted, you can go, no questions asked. Here is a list of schools that will meet their students needs without loans.

In addition, if you do need a parent plus loan to go to school and your parent says no, you can simply wait until you turn the age of an independent adult (in most cases this is 23), have a child or get married. Once this happens, your parents’ income is no longer used to calculate your expected family contribution (efc) and this may result in being offered more financial aid.


4. Many college graduates cannot get a job

First of all, many people cannot find a job. The economy sucks! 

However, a common misconception is that if you go to college, you will magically become successful. False! 

You cannot just GO  to college. You have to work hard, build connections, get good grades, and most importantly, gain experience. 

Yes experience is the key that opens many doors, but education is the permission slip to gain that experience. Many internships help gain experience, but you would not be able to intern, if you were not getting an education. 

5. You do not need a degree to own a business, but you need a degree to work for one

Though true, this statement is incomplete. I could own a clinical practice and hire therapists to work for me. However, I would not know if they were following ethical guidelines or proper care plans. I would be unable to properly supervise or monitor their cases. This could cause me to lose clients, and if harm comes, I could losmy entire business. So yes, though possible, not logical. 

Imagine going to your boss and asking, “What should I do in this situation?” and the boss having no idea what you are even talking about. Would you want to continue to work for them? I would not!

6. A Degree is Not an Education

This is true. However, this goes back to the saying you can’t just GO to college. 

College is set up to give you all of the resources that you need. Imagine I put cake mix, 3 eggs, milk, a spoon, cooking spray, and cake pans in front of you and said “Call me if you need help”. Now imagine you never call, but get upset because you did not bake a cake. Is that logical? Of course not! 

You have the textbook material, the professors, organizations that relate to your major, the career center, your adviser, and your peers. In addition to that, you have electives and could choose to take business and entrepreneur classes. 

Is it anyone else’s fault if you chose to take Intro to Dance over Intro to Business Management, when you wanted to start your own business? No it is your fault! You have to be smart. Research what you need to do to get to where you want to be, then set yourself in place to do it!

7. College teaches you to be an employee

False. College teaches you how to work in a particular field. If you want to be a business owner, make sure to take a business elective and learn how to run start and operate a business in that field by talking to your adviser or seeking a mentor who is doing that.

Question of the Week

What is a good reason to go to college? Or a good reason not to go

Answer by LeaveInspired, Blogger | Instagram |
Reasons to go: Knowledge is power and no one can take your education away from you.

Reason not to go: If one has developed a trade or skill they could make a living from
I like this because she gave both sides and the truth is, that there are some skills, you may not need to go to college for and that is fine. However majority of competitive careers require further education and even trades require community college most times.

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Final Thoughts

People have be ediscouraging people from going to college a lot and I understand with the massive amount of expenses, it may not be easy to do. However, many of these well said statements are excuses and I often hear them said to people who want to go, but do not know that the have options. They are therefore discouraged from pursuing their dreams whaen it is definitely possible.

If you want to pursue your dream and go to college, GO! Do not let anyone discourage you.

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