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It’s about why.

Is it possible to love someone but not be in love? Its a hard question. Well when does one first realize that love is there. Is it the butterflies finally settle down or is it when they never go away? Both situations make you feel like your on a high. Depending on what type of love you have is truly based on what you need. Some people love for the support and stability. The craving of having the “American dream” type of love. They want a perfect family with the perfect jobs and the big house. They chose to have this view from others and care what people think of them. They go on trips and stay close to the hotel. The women usually wakes up the earliest and cooks a splendid breakfast for the family to not even have time to sit and eat together. Its the original story of a middle class life. Its painted in movies and TV shows like that is love and for some people it is. That’s what they need to be happy but remember their love is based on wants and views. Their butterflies are settled, retired, sleeping. Then some people love for the need of affection. They too are comfortable but their excited about it. Always in each others business, having sex all time. These people like the idea of love. They enjoy the company of one another. Its about feeling young forever. They feel like their on top of the world because they love, to feel good. To make others feel good and wanted. They have more to offer and give than they know. The feeling of having someone to lay next to, doesn’t just warm their heart but calms their mind. Their butterflies are vibrant, large and awake. You can care for someone in a way like no other, want them to be better than you. Things they do cuts deep, it hurts or its the best feeling. This connection you have with someone is strong, there is no doubt about that; but ask yourself. Are these feelings isolating you from your own life. Is it pushing you away from the world but bringing you deeper into your lover. Are you disconnected or are you full of life within you and this relationship and everything? Why do you love? Do you need it or do you want it? Is it possible to have feelings so strong you don’t want the feelings? Do you love for the stability or do you love because it feels good? Do you love your best friend or your soul mate? Do you love for it all?

21 year old wife and mama aspiring writer.

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