4 Ways Sex Trafficking Victims, Like Cyntoia Brown, are Failed by USA Prostitution Laws
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4 Ways Sex Trafficking Victims, Like Cyntoia Brown, are Failed by USA Prostitution Laws

The basis for making prostitution illegal is that it is supposed to protect those who are forced into prostitution. It is supposed to deter pimps and save sex trafficking victims. However, I argue not only is outlawing prostitution dumb in general, it also does not protect people who are actually being trafficked. Here are my reasons

For the purpose of this article 

  • Pimps and Sex Traffickers will be used interchangeably
  • Sex workers and prostitutes will be used interchangeably 
Prostitution Laws Fail Sex Trafficked Women Because….

1. Sex Traffickers Do Not Care About the Law

I would like to know when have you ever seen a criminal who cared about the law? Tell me what sex trafficker decides not to sell prostitutes because of the law. I will wait 

(Cricket sounds). 

That’s right! There are no criminals in existence that care about the law. Therefore, the prostitution laws are put in place to punish those who commit the crime, but they are not put in place to actually PREVENT the crime or PROTECT sex workers, though they claim it was designed to do this very thing

2. Pimps Are Not Targeted By Law Enforcement Unless It Is A Large Prostitution Ring

When thinking about the Cyntoia Brown Story, she was a teenager and arrested for prostitution and murder, though she was defending herself from being trafficked and raped. 

There was no investigation into her Pimp, KutThroat, or the men who she was trafficked to.

It makes me question why we were targeting a teenage Cyntoia brown, but not the men who sex trafficked her. The system is set up against her.

Even in basic prostitution busts, law enforcement typically target the sex workers, not the pimps

3. Penalties Are More Severe For Sex Workers Than Pimps

When it comes to prostitution laws, repeat pimping is not punished as severely as repeat prostitution. In fact, many states do not have laws set in place for repeat pimps. This means that repeat pimps are not charged as severely as repeat prostitutes. That tells us that sex trafficking and protecting the victims are not the real concern because the victims are punished more severely than their traffickers.

4. The Laws Punish the Sex Trafficking Victims

All in all, how is arresting prostitutes actually stopping sex traffickers? They are not stopping Sex traffickers! They are punishing those who have been victims of sex trafficking!  What we need in place is better sex trafficking laws and better investigations into sex trafficking. 

The Laws We Need In Place

We need to rewrite the laws in the correct verbiage to make sure that we are targeting the correct people. We need to go after the people who are forcing these women into sex trafficking and stop punishing the victims.

As for sex workers who work concensually, I see no reason to invest resources into stopping this work. No one is getting hurt, and it is a waste of time to expend efforts into that, when we could be investing in stopping human trafficking altogether.

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Do Prostitution Laws Help Sex Traffic Victims?

Answer by Tamara Prosper, Blogger | Website| Pinterest | Instagram | Twitter
No. I think the victims are often looked at as the problem because that's who is seen. The pimps aren't hanging on corners, they're just picking up cash, dropping off drugs and going back to their comfort. John's are only occasionally punished. Look at Cyntoia Brown. She was a child but she was still convicted of murder instead of being praised for bravely saving herself.
Answer by Kiana | Blogger | Website| Instagram | Twitter
Anti sex work laws usually hurt not only sex workers but also the sex trafficked. Sex trafficking had actually shot up since these laws have been inacted. We need pro sex work laws and we need laws that instead of targeting sex workers target sex traffickers

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Final Thoughts:

Prostitution is laws are targeting the victims of sex trafficking instead of targeting the real problems – Sex Traffickers. We need to get rid of prostitution laws and actually act on sex trafficking laws and protecting real victims. 

Tied very closely to sex trafficking is abuse and domestic violence. If you are unsure if your partners is abusive and want to read the signs of abuse CLICK HERE

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