Coaching Programs

Embracing Your single Season Coaching

Embracing Your Singleness

Your coach will help you identify the feelings that are keeping you from being happy in your single season, and help you work through them.

You will also learn the signs of  an unhealthy relationship, and narcissistic abuse in order to avoid these when coming out of your single season.

Intensive Self-Love

Your coach will help you come to an understanding of who you truly are. 

Your coach will assist you on the journey of self-acceptance and through self-acceptance, you will learn how to love yourself.

Intensive Self-Love Coaching Program
Crushing Your Goals Coaching Program

Crushing Your Goals

In this program, you will work with your coach to decide on the right steps to take to complete your goal and set reasonable timelines for each step.

The timeline of this program varies based on the agreement set between you and your coach.

Strategic Blog Launch

Your coach will walk you through the basics of launching your very own blog. We will cover:

Niching Down 

Content Creation and SEO 

 Self Hosting 



Add On: Intern Acquisition

Strategic Blog Launch Coaching Program