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3 great hobbies that can relax you

Shown is a cairn. A cairn is a stack of rocks placed by people. I used this as it is a common representation of relaxation. I also

The article I’m writing this week will be a little less in-depth. Less technical and more practical and fun. I’ll be talking about hobbies that can help you relax. I wrote an article a while ago that touched on some things to enhance your social life during COVID. There are options, especially as restrictions may soon start to lift. Lets face it though, you won’t be on the phone or video call with friends all day. Once your work is done, there’s room for a lot of things given the internet. Even so, it might leave you bored or anxious. If you’re feeling the latter, then it might be best to look for some more relaxing hobbies you can do by yourself. So here are hobbies you can do at home that can help you relax.

1. Drawing/Painting

Now I know what you’re thinking “I’m a terrible drawer, why would I waste my time”. Well look, I’m not the best artist in the world, but I still enjoy it. During my last semester in college I took a basic art course, and I was shocked by how much I enjoyed it. Not everything I made was perfect, but I still felt calm and collected at each step. To top it off, I made some pretty good looking pieces of art with little prior skill and basic instructions.

Personally, I’d recommend drawing environments that bring you the most joy. For me that’s drawing aspen and pine trees, for you it might be palm trees and beaches. I guarantee it’ll leave you feeling calm. You’ll also end up with something fit for a frame.

2. Put a puzzle together

This one sounds boring I know, but it’s a great time waster. My brother is a pretty busy worker, busy enough to keep him working until midnight on weekdays. Sometimes during the weekend, him and his girlfriend would work on jigsaw puzzles for fun. When I asked him why, he told me that it relaxed him and that it was just fun. I did the same, and I ended up feeling the same way. While it’s not the most engaging activity in the world, it’ll definitely keep your heart rate down. Just make sure you keep track of your pieces.

3. Take some pictures

Similar in vein to art, you probably don’t think you’re the best photographer. While I’m not an expert in photography, I don’t think it takes immense skill to take a good photograph. Walk around your neighborhood and take pictures of things and scenes that seem peculiar to you. Depending upon where you live or how far you want to go, there can be a lot of options. When I was back in school I mostly took pictures of spruce and aspen trees at certain angles. I would also take pictures of art people made around the area like that of cairns (shown above) and street art.

Whether it’s urban art, nature, or unique scenes, just go for it. Just because you don’t have equipment doesn’t mean you can’t capture something beautiful that you can share. I’ve found that taking pictures helps me take in the things that I’m enjoying. It makes me feel like I’m part of the scene I’m taking the picture from. On top of that I have a little memory that I can carry with me. If you give it shot, you’ll likely feel the same.

These are just a few ideas to fill your time in a relaxing way. There are plenty of other things that I haven’t touched on that are good for your mental health like yoga or meditation. Try what works best for you. I found a great list here, if you have other things in mind.

If there’s any questions you want to ask me, about mental health or otherwise text or call me. Take care.


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