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You are NOT what you attract

I have heard a few times that you are what you attract. I think that this is very far from true. There are many cases where people or animals are naturally attracted to things that do not necessarily match their personality. In some cases it is more common to attract your opposite.

1. Empaths attract Narcissists

An empath is someone who has the ability to easily put themselves in someone else’s shoes and experience that person’s emotions. 

A narcissist is a person who is usually dangerous and very self-absorbed. They tend to think that they are more important than others, and so much so that they are willing to hurt people (physically, emotionally, or both) in order to get their way. In this way, they become emotionally abusive.

Narcissists typically prey on empaths because of an empaths ability to be understanding and nurturing. They lie and conjure up stories so the empath could feel bad for them and in the process they become abusive. 

An empath, is someone with a good heart and a desire to help. To suggest that they are a bad person, because they typically attract narcissists lacks understanding.

2. Submissives attract Dominants

People who are naturally submissive, tend to attract people who are naturally dominant. 

A submissive is someone who listens to the demands of an authority and does what the authority says. Extreme submissives may do things that a detrimental for themselves in order to please their dominant authority 

This is a similar imbalance of power as an empath and a narcissist relationship. The difference here is that some people enjoy participating in a dominant/submissive relationship . 

However, there are some people who do not recognize the beginning signs of abuse, and do not realize that the dominant is roping them in to do things that hurt the submissive and please the dominant. If you are interested in learning more about the signs of abuse, please Click Here.

3. Healers attract people who are hurt

Some people have a natural  power to provide comfort and support to those who are hurt, and are able to assist them through the healing process. People who are hurt, can sense someone with healing energy and they will typically gravitate toward that person.

4. Givers attract Takers

Some people are natural givers and like to give to others. These people like to volunteer or consistently do acts of kindness. Those people are givers and will generally attract people who are willing to take what they are giving. It is not to say that the the takers do not always need it; sometimes they do. However some people naturally just want to take whatever is given to them, whether needed or not, and gravitate to givers.

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Answer to: Do you believe that you are what you attract?
Answer by Malika, Blogger | Website   | Instagram | Facebook
My God, I hope not! I am by nature a giver. I am an empath who takes care of people. I tend to attract leeches...people who will suck the life out of you, if you let them. Which explains why I am always so drained. I am praying to one day attract someone who isn't like that.
Malika is a faithful follower of my blog as I am of hers. Please be sure to give her blog a view, especially if you are a parent (or wish to be one) because she has some great gems on there.

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Final Thoughts

Though I believe in the law of attraction, I also believe that opposites attract. Think positive and, in a general sense, you will receive positive. However, that doesn’t mean that stones will not be thrown your way. Bad things still happen to good people and it in no way means that you are not a good person.

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Mish (Pronounced Meesh) Truth has always been a natural social justice advocate. She now holds BA in Psychology and will hold an MSW by May 2021. She is currently a goal coach, a tutor, and a writer.

She is  is passionate about social justice issues and overall mental wellness. This includes knowledge on how to develop healthy relationships, and awareness mental and medical illnesses, and social justice issues.

Growing up in an urban, low income, community, she learned a lot before her time. She credits her success to her self awareness and desire for personal growth. 

Her goal is to change the world by affecting at least one person, educating them, inspiring them, and then empowering them to go out and affect more change. 

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Mish is a millennial and a social worker. She currently holds a Master of Social Work (MSW) and is in the process of obtaining her Doctor of Social Work (DSW). She currently works as a Case Manager and has previously provided Intensive In-Home Therapeutic Services. Though therapy remains a passion, she learned that it could be very rigid and some people really just need Coaching. With this, she started a mental wellness coaching program. You can learn more about that here:

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